The Terminal

As we all know, there are dozens of videos on youtube complaining about the annoying people at the airport. You get it. I get it. We all get it. For some reason we all just have a knack of getting under each other’s skin, especially in public, overcrowded, and sometimes unavoidable areas. But have you ever gone to the airport and paid attention to the people who aren’t annoying you? What about the woman sitting across from you reading her book? What about the young boy who, against all the odds, in quietly watching a movie? Let me take this opportunity to applaud them. Cheers to: The People I Love at the Airport.

{The Reader}

Cheers to you, reader. I am one of those people who needs near silence to read, and the airport is definitely not the quietest of places. The ability that some people have to block out the sound around them and sit there flipping page after page as they slowly become more and more entangled in the plot of a story is kind of awesome. I wish I was able to do that. Though I have found myself flipping page after page I eventually come to realize I have no idea what just happened in the story and become all sorts of confused in a very short amount of time, not the mention the slight frustration that overtakes me when I realize I will have to read the same pages for a second {or third or fourth} time. So, cheers to you, reader.

{The People Watcher} 

Cheers to you, people watcher. I know we all people watch, I truly think it’s encoded somewhere in our DNA between the guanine and cytosine {sorry, too much science, I’ll bring it back}. But, there are people who have taken it to an art form. After carefully studying the behavior of those around them, they are capable of nonchalantly returning to their cinnabon or skymall magazine with everyone one else none-the-wiser . They have truly mastered their past time. So, cheers to you, people watcher.

{The Businessman} 

heers to you, businessman. Though your boisterous talking on your cell phone can get to me sometimes, you are quite a champ for making any location your office. I know I wouldn’t want to continue making deals or having a conference call after I’ve left the office. Most importantly though: that suit. Personally, I’m a fan of wearing running shorts and a t-shirt to the airport. But you, businessman, are rocking the heck out of those slacks and button-up. And don’t even get me started on the tie. If you are in full business dress with a jacket and tie, I don’t even know what else to say other than well done. Though I don’t want to be in a stuffy airplane, I’m sure it’s not nearly as bad as being in a stuffy airplane while covered in constricting clothing that makes it so much stuffier. So, cheers to you, businessman.

{The Parent of Two}

Cheers to you, parent of two. Most people probably look at you the second you step into the airport and think something along the lines of crap, hope those two little munchkins aren’t on my flight. Well boo-stinking-hoo for you if they are. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this parent. Like seriously, way to provide your kids with an amazing experience. I know the first time I flew in a plane I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Not only does he/she provide his/her kids the adventure of a lifetime, he/she keeps track of them in a busy place and, most of the time, finds a way for them to stay entertained and occupied while they’re contained in a very small space for what could be a very long time. But for real, the attention span of a small child? Well done, parent. Though there may be some parents who don’t fit this description, there are plenty more that do, or at least try to. So, cheers to, you parent of two.


Cheers to you, everyone else. Though I’m sure there are tons of other people at the airport that don’t annoy others around them, these are just a few of the people I applauded in my head as I was waiting to board my most recent flight. Even if you find these same people annoying or don’t fit under any of the descriptions yourself, well that’s okay because you are tolerating all the nonsense that happens at the airport. So, cheers to you, everyone else.


…for Jerad

So today arrived with a weird sampling of almost every emotion available. Today my brother would have turned 25. He was the best big bro out there and this one goes out to him.

{let’s start with a throwback, shall we}

jerad and me young

I mean, look at us! Don’t we just seem like the biggest champs on the block? Growing up with this kid as my big brother was fantastic. We were the dynamic duo for so long and when the little bro arrived on the scene we quickly turned into the three musketeers. In good times and bad, one thing that always stayed the same was the bond the three of us shared.

Now don’t get me wrong, we had our moments. And when I say moments I mean hair-pulling, arm-twisting, leg-biting, shin-kicking, full on cage match kind of moments. But I wouldn’t trade those times for the world. I am proud to say that I grew up to be a tough girl because of the shenanigans I got into with these boys. Being the only girl was kind of awesome. No, it was completely awesome. Absolutely, entirely, 100% awesome.

Jerad kept me in check the entire time, and I am forever thankful for that. From challenging me to do as well as he did academically {let’s be real, the kid was kind of a genius} or pushing me to be a fierce competitor, he was always there to motivate me to achieve my absolute best. He was an inspiration and I know he is missed and remembered by so many, especially today.

But like I said, it’s weird. I honestly am not sure how I’m feeling. So what better way to explain the things that are coming to mind than by using words that other people {who are all way more talented when it comes to mashing up words and feelings into all things wonderful} came up with?

– always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name –

{avett brothers}

– stand up now and face the sun won’t hide my tail or turn and run –

{aloe blacc}

– cause all of me loves all of you –

{john legend}

– if the sky comes falling down for you there’s nothing in this world i wouldn’t do –


– but if you close your eyes does it almost feel like nothing changed at all –


See, now you get it. Because he’s my brother I feel like people expect me to be super sad and not want to do anything but sleep and eat all of the chocolate, yet somehow it’s been a completely different experience than I anticipated. Today I look back on all of the memories that we shared and smile. It’s upsetting that there are no more memories to come and the notion that these spots of joy and love in my mind may someday fade is quite a frightful concept. However, I guarantee there are some things that I will never forget.

{like how he played like a champion, everyday}

me and jerad old

I will always remember our summer birthday bash. I will always remember the eye rolls we shared when everyone around us was being way too cool for school. I will remember the looks we gave each other. Whether they were good or bad, we just knew exactly what the other person wanted to say. I will always remember us. I will always remember him.

So Jerad, this one is for you. Love, sis.



whole 30

For those of you who haven’t heard of the whole30 challenge, let me break it down for you.

{Please keep in mind that this is the super simplified version. The creators, Melissa and Dallas Hartwig have an entire book and website if you’d like further details. Check out if you’re interested.}

The rules:

  • No Sugar
  • No Dairy
  • No Grains
  • No Legumes
  • No Alcohol

Most importantly, whatever you do, there is no cheating allowed.

Now, looking at that list it may seem like – WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT?! Well take it from a foodie with a sweet tooth that it is totally possible. It’s whole food. It’s real food. It’s paleo food. {oooooo she used the word for the diet for special people} Stay with me.

For starters, I am definitely a person who eats generally healthy food, like to the point of making sautéed kale after a night out. What?! Yeah, I know, I’m weird. But still, this whole30 thing was a total challenge for me too. I love bread. There, I said it. And more than that I love sugar. Cinnamon rolls anyone? Yep, those are definitely outlawed out by a lot of the rules. So why put myself through the torture?

I wanted to challenge myself. I don’t really diet, I just try to eat what’s good for me most of the time. However, most of the time turns into some of the time which we all know ends up being none of the time. None of times at all. I really wanted to prove to myself more than anything that I could stick to something as strict and frustrating as the whole30. And I did it! Looking back on the past month it seems like I’ve been eating like this for no time at all. After all, it is only 30 days. But boy, were those 30 days tough.

It started out fine, I was ready to roll and had mastered the art of food prep. Then I had a long weekend and ran out of tupperware in the refrigerator. Crap. I was going to have to make food. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it’s always a good thing to have some hard-boiled eggs in the fridge. And crock pots. Crock pots are great.

So with some general knowledge on hand I continued down the road. Until I had the weirdest dreams ever. A big thing with this program is that it is meant to reset your system. It massively decreases your body’s dependence on quick carbs and fanatical sugar ways, replacing them with the ability to use the energy from whole foods. While the body is resetting it’s bound to rewire some of those brain connections. After all, there’s that whole food psychology/cravings/dependence thing. {Another time} Anyways, after a night of being chased by men in war paint, my friend going ninja mode, and herding cows, I seemed to go back to normal, restful nights. {And yes, that was all one dream} So much craziness and realization about my food habits joined the party. And it was awesome.

The whole30 is more than just restricting yourself to rule-following ways of eating. It’s a way to knock out all potentially problematic foods for 30 days to see how much better you feel before slowly adding them back. It gives you the ability to pin point which foods might not get along with you, even if you never noticed they were the cause before.

I’m so glad I did this challenge. I found out new ways to make my favorite foods. I found out more ways to prepare sweet potatoes than I thought possible. I found out just how much sugar I was eating. I found out how to tell the difference between a craving and actually being hungry. I found out the foods that aren’t that great for you but that I really enjoy. I found out the foods I was eating just because. Loads of the bad foods that we eat are such a habitual thing in our food rotation we don’t even realize that we really might not enjoy them as much as we are letting ourselves believe. In undergoing this challenge I was able to grow in temperance when it came to food and learn so, so much.

Now, it’s your turn. If you’re up for it, I challenge you to 30 days. 30 days that could change your life or 30 days that could make no difference in your life at all. It’s up to you.

So with that, let them eat cake. Cheesecake that is.